What is SchedulePower™?

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Dispatch, Time and Customer Management

As you well know, the service department is the primary place a dealership’s hard earned customers become loyal, or are lost.

SchedulePower™ is a simple way to improve customer satisfaction, grow your customer base, prevent details from falling through the cracks, and increase efficiency.

It is built on 30 years experience turning around failing service departments. SchedulePower™ addresses all the ways that human error gets you into trouble.

Extracting value from your service dpartment
Service Dpt
Service Dept Sad Tales

Have any of these happened to you?

Forgotten details
Customers don’t come back
No-shows hurt the bottom line
Low efficiency siphons revenue
Techs fight over gravy jobs

We challenge the status quo

If your goal is solely to block tech time Outlook or Excel will do it.

But if you want real answers and greater success, SchedulePower™ is your most valuable service department resource.

Demo video
Watch the Demo Video

This short video takes you through the key features and demonstrates how easy it is to use.

SchedulePower™ is backed by excellent customer service, support and training. We listen to you and deliver “more and better” on a regular basis. We’re your partner in service.


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We have tried all kinds of different scheduling systems through the years. As a growing service department we were in need of a system that could meet the demands of high paced environment with multiple users.–Jesse Beaulieu- Lead Service advisor L-A Harley-Davidson, ME

SchedulePower has made our days much easier to keep track of the hundreds of repair orders in our system.–Brandi Fruge- Service Dept Manager Friendly Honda Yamaha, La

Without a doubt this program has been the leading factor for turning a decent service department into a top performing, money-generating machine for our dealership. –Jeff Hanrahan - G.M. A&S BMW Motorcycles, Ca

Along with the fundamental tools you'd expect in a scheduling program, it's the ease of updating, tracking and number crunching that I like most. Dave Koshollek DealerNews

I need full and complete access to all my service appointments, with the flexibility of changing my mind whenever I need to. –Pete Sirett - Service Manager High Gear PowerSports, Ca

My boss wanted us to stop using SchedulePower and start using a generic one online but that was so difficult to use because I couldn't even differentiate the techs. I am able to start using my scheduler again and the people at SchedulePower are so very helpful...Cyndi Stewart, H&H Motorsports